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Message to Radiator Shop Owners

Would you like to improve your skills as a specialist in HVAC and engine cooling system service? If so, please take a moment to read this short message.

The vehicle repair industry has become divided into two distinct camps: the guys who are doing great and those who are barely getting by. Many shops have been crushed by competition, often by the very same manufacturers and distributors they have traded with and supported for years. Other shops find themselves unable to bring in new business because they haven’t kept pace with the new tools, materials, and repair procedures required to service today’s late-model vehicles.

We can help—more than you might think. We’re Radiator Reporter, a no-nonsense information powerhouse specializing exclusively in the needs of today’s rad shop owner, HVAC technician and engine cooling specialist. For over 29 years our technical services and concise monthly reports have been the “secret weapon” of the independent shop owner.

As a subscriber to RR you’ll belong to an exclusive group of smart-thinking shop owners and repair technicians who are dedicated to excellence in the fields of radiator repair, vehicular AC, and engine cooling system service. You’ll learn about the latest repairs and shop tips long before your competitors do. Because we are 100% shop-supported and never accept a dime in advertising, you’re assured straight-shooting accuracy and absolute honesty in every word we print or say.

Help Really Is A Phone Call Away
Radiator Reporter is far more than important reading. RR’s RadHotline, a toll-free helpline available only to paid subscribers, is your link to one-on-one technical assistance on every facet of radiator repair, AC service, and shop management. RR has helped solve more repair shop nightmares than most shop owners see in a lifetime, and we can do the same for you.

Think You Can Stump Us?
Searching for an obsolete part? Got a tough problem you’ve never faced before? With a simple phone call RR’s technical skills and vast information resources go to work for you. We’ll guide you through the most difficult diagnostic and repair problems, and we’ll have you moving on to the next job in no time. In the past 10 years we’ve tackled over 45,000 calls! With RR on your side you’ll never have to guess your way through another difficult service procedure.

Once you’ve signed up with RR, you’ll join the ranks of some of the most successful rad shop owners in North America. Each month you’ll receive a no-nonsense written report illustrating valuable repair tips and detailing the most important issues facing the cooling system service industry. Factual reporting is our specialty. Radiator Reporter cuts through the hype to give you honest assessments of shop equipment, wastewater systems, coolant recyclers, PTR tools and much more. Since we have no advertisers to pamper, Radiator Reporterpulls no punches. We tell you the good and the bad, and we expose the con artists before they get to you.

Here’s a Sampling of Subscriber Benefits

          • Unlimited toll-free technical assistance
          • AC service and retrofit facts
          • Product and equipment reviews
          • Charge air cooler repair procedures
          • Late-breaking industry news
          • Factory service bulletins
          • Up-to-date repair procedures
          • Coolant analysis reports
          • Government & OEM recalls
          • Average rad shop repair charges
          • OSHA and EPA compliance info
          • National and regional labor rates
          • Parts look-up and locator service
          • Repair tips from shops everywhere